M&P9 High Flow Nozzle Valve with Valve Spring

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M&P9 High Flow Nozzle Valve with Valve Spring (CCT-TMMP-013)
M&P9 High Flow Nozzle Valve with Valve Spring

Highlighted features
Aluminum 6061 material with CNC machined
Ultra lightweight design
Durable construction prevents flexing and warping under hard use
Design to smoothing gasflow and minimizing gas loss
Anti-scratch and Anti-freeze
Perform smooth and consistent cycling
Serves with CCT Nozzle Valve Spring
For TM M&P9, M&P9L and M&P9 V Custom

A new design nozzle valve which can smooth and enhance gasflow. It also minimises the gas loss to fasten the entire cycling. 100% CNC machined with 6061 Aluminum. Each packing serves with 2 different options of valve spring.

**Important Notice**Increasing in FPS can be achieved, however, it may require other parts to collaborate and advanced skill is needed. improper installation / fitting can shorten the life of the product.

*PS: Please note: installing parts / assemble /fitting airsoft gun will need intermediate knowledge; for expert or airsoft gunsmith. Please refer to your airsoft gunsmith for proper installation / fitting. Fitting may be needed as the condition of each airsoft gun might be different. Regular maintenance is needed for all airsoft guns in order to keep it in good working condition and reduce wear out issue on parts.
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